The Mizen Peninsula  -  Goleen  -  Crookhaven  -  Barleycove  -  Mizen Head

Mizen Vision, the Irish Lights Signal Station Visitor Centre, had been developed by a local tourism co-operative. The Signal Stationwas built in 1905 to protect shipping from the cliffs during fogbound journeys. It is a spectacular location with its folded rocks and high cliffs. The Signal Station is on an Island joined to the mainland with a fine example of an Arched bridge. If you have plenty of puff you can return up the 99 steps but there is an easier path for the less energetic. Well worth a visit! Another gem of the Mizen Peninsula is Three Castle Head, where the three castles, which are three Tower Houses with curtain walling. Built in the 15th century on the site of a Bronze Age Promontory Fort, the Castles stand sentinel beside a cliff top lake. Access is restricted at the moment due to the unstable state of the castles, but it is worth asking if it is possible to visit.