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The Crookhaven Inn

The Crookhaven Inn is a fully modernised bar located on the famous Mizen Peninsula, one of the most westerly outposts of Europe.

Phone: +353 - (0)28 - 35309

The tranquil village of Crookhaven lies beside the harbour from whence it gets its name and attracts many small yachts and tourists in search of protected waters, clean air and good food. The outward charm of the Inn itself belies the extensively renovated kitchens and interior, where care has been taken to retain the traditional atmosphere famous in Irish bars.

The partnership of Emma & Freddy over the last five years, has brought together the hospitality of a local Irish hostess and the artistry of an experienced Swedish chef. This combination has gained an impressive reputation through out the region, for a quality menu which brings together the seafood, for which the region is so well known and the international flare of its presentation.

There are many aspects to the running of the Crookhaven Inn which have been introduced in the years that Emma & Freddy have been developing the unique aspects of the Inn. 
Live music in the bar has become a feature during the summer and the Mid Summer celebrations have truly brought a new meaning to International relations.

You are always certain of a warm welcome in Crookhaven and when you travel to West Cork.